Bugatti Veyron Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful jigsaw puzzle featuring a Bugatti Veyron. Three levels of difficulty [...]

Tower of ZZZ

The guests of your hotel have started sleepwalking! It's up to you to catch them [...]

Burger Cat

Help the cat reach the tasty burgers in this old-style, meme-inspired puzzler! P [...]

Pick n Dig

Pick and Dig is Puzzle game in which you collect all the mining tools and use th [...]

Colonize Me

Put your wits to the test in this epic and difficult board game! Colonize the bo [...]

Paper Floods

Save a dude from drowning in this beautifully stylized doodle game! Clear his pa [...]

Hell Diggers

Help the Hell Diggers get their gold back to the surface in this difficult puzzl [...]

Paper Floods 2

Save even more dudes from drowning in this challenging sequel to the original Pa [...]

TV Darts Show

TV Darts is a skill game unlike other dart games you are likely to play. You mus [...]

Deep Diver 2

Dive deep into the oceans of the world in search of the rare artifacts that will [...]

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